Top Five Reasons to Use Handmade Soap

Top Five Reasons to Use Handmade Soap

With so many different types of cheap soaps at your local store, why choose handmade soap instead?  There are many reasons to opt for handmade soaps, here are the top five:

1.  Chemicals/Toxins.  Our bodies come in contact with many chemicals and toxins every day.  Think about how many products you use on a daily basis and how that may be overloading your body with a variety of chemicals.  You may use shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion, perfume, shaving cream and makeup, and put on clothes washed in strongly-scented laundry soaps and softeners - and that's just the start of the day!  Choosing products with simple, clean ingredients can make a difference.

2.  Ingredients.  Ingredients are an underrated yet very important part of soap.  Handmade soaps are typically made with plant oils and butters rather than detergents as in commercial soaps.  The plant oils and butters are nourishing for our skin.  Although detergents are good for household cleaning, they are not good for our skin as they can strip our natural oils, leaving our skin dry and irritated.  

3.  Packaging.  We have so much plastic in our world that there is rising concern about microplastics inside our bodies and the long-standing battle against environmental pollution from plastics.  Purchasing products with as little packaging as possible is a great way to cut down on our waste and keep our planet cleaner.

4.  Small Business.  Purchasing handmade soaps means you are supporting a small business.  Your purchase makes a difference for a small business owner.  Further, small businesses put more time and effort into their products and truly care about their customers.

5.  Animal Testing.  Small businesses do not test on animals as do many larger companies who produce commercial soaps.

What are your reasons for choosing handmade soap over commercially available soap options?

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